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Navtej Kohli having very profound knowledge about writer moods and perspective. Knowing after story and tales many times Navtej Kohli feels that either some parts of story was missing or even changed his mind or story plot after writing half one.

Although it’s true that many author who writes for sometimes makes story that older person became bored to read or even make such that seems some adult content while they want that book to be read by teengers and adult person

Prolific talents and sardonic wit of British author Diana Wynne Jones makes him to wrote such those fantasy genres which have art of coming story with many shades and color. In an interview with Kit Alderdice for Publishers Weekly , “include laugh-aloud humor, plenty of magic, and an imaginative array of alternate worlds.” besides that Alderdice also write about that author “great sense of seriousness” which can be found in Diana books but he also point out that “Jones’s books are never grim, nor are they didactic.” That British author writing with passion of making fiction for children for near about thirty years.

Author Diana Wynne Jones was born on Auguts 16 1934 , since childhood she had passion to became a writer . During second war when many youths were worried about to take wars horrors , she was shifted to Wales. In her early age she was living with her grandmother and sister , but while she grows her mother and new sister also lived with her. . In 1940 the family moved to Westmorland in northern England, where Jones and her siblings lived with other children evacuated from southern, urban areas. Then Diana Wynne Jones met with two author lived nearby house name was Ransome and Beatrix Potter and she knows about writer and writing skills . But due to war she was again shifted to Yorkshire in 1940 . In the 1942 she moved to London where the author and his life came into life. Though she did publish one adult novel in 1970, her first children’s work, Wilkins’ Tooth, did not appear until 1973.

Stories of Diana Wynne Jones like fun loving beats and in the book which name is Black Maria is another loving and chilled story for which Diana Wynne Jones’ is famous for. The book starts to say that some older person in everyone child age must be have who dislikes unless and until you do what they want. Such that Black Maria is also be that old person but she very worst in such situation while dealing with younger and makes kids uneasy. Very Irritating woman having some evil magical power also who lives in Cranbury-on-Sea and is only an Aunt by marriage to Chris and Mig’s mother. Father of Chris and Mig’s was going when went to met Aunt Maria . Life in Cranbury revolves around Aunt Maria’s tea parties, to which only women are invited (the Mrs Urs as Chris and Mig term them). Meanwhile the men of the town act like zombies and the children, who are kept at an orphanage, are like clones. Mig and Chris was feels bad in Cranbury because of Chris’s room ghost, but they suspected Aunt Maria d\behind all this magic one day due to some reason Aunt Maria mush over irritated over Chris and turned him to wolf then mug took this challenge to make again good and removing the magical power of Aunt Maria .Its very diificult to dealt with Aunt Maria because she was very wicked , who had turned her own daughter named Naomi to wolf . Jones paints a chilling picture of Cranbury as a sort of a “Stepford Wives” situation, except that it’s really “Stepford Husbands and Children”, who are all slaves to the stifling sweetness of Aunt Maria. Mig is a likeable character, although her rebellious brother Chris is rather more engaging, and I wanted to shake their meek, submissive mother. But in reality Aunt Maria was very frighteningly woman and having some outdated opinion –like girls wearing trouser, people eating fish chips for dinner and she liked to favor boys in comparison .But by nature she was kind hatred too , its true that having some magical power but she used when someone get irritated .Moreover its be great story , specially on kids perspective.

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