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Navtej Kohli Reviews

Navtej Kohli Book reviews not reviewed any book since a long time, but after a long holiday its come back with warm wishes of 2012 and new book review .

Today reviews section brings a book and its name is “PRIVATE” which having dual author, means its written and edited by two persons name is James Patterson & Maxine Paetro. Its was released on June 28, 2010 and name of the company is Little, Brown and Company and its ISBN: 978-0-316-09615-7 . Its come under the category of mystery and thriller.

Summary :  Jack Morgan is the main charter of the story who was former Marine helicopter pilot had stated a investigation firm and named its private and starts its working with international clients. Moreover its team considered as very costly for investigating the sensitive and crucial problems and probably hired only for big case or even big mystery cases and problems. All the agent are ready to deliver with full workforce, equipped with advance technologies and professional to manage crucial cases to find the real truth.

One day Jack’s former lover found death on his bed and there are number or suspect behind the mystery of this. while on the other hand Jack was quite busy for solving other cases like multimillion-dollar NFL case and other one missing the thirteen school girls. On the other hand while jack was already playing with fires with gun-shots and murder cases , sudden death of this close friend shocked and make him upset and he decide to crack down this murder case and used all his resources for solving this. 

But the end of the story while Jack was so close to killer he find himself to lurch between problem of choosing the option between revenge and the justice and moreover love triangle in his own life make the story interesting.

Navtej kohli considering Jack Morgan as a protagonist for James Patterson imagination but few writing skills of James Patterson keep him out of real theory, its true that all stories are come from the mind but some touches with real life while plotting a scene attract the reader to read the story or novel until it will finish. Because  struggle done by Jack Morgan in this look like its totally portrait story and a man having superman kind of thing, which only attract kids but young generation or even novel reader now board such types or plotting story. The mix of the suspense and mystery is also seems that author unable to make sense and balance between old scene and new one .

Moreover Navtej Kohli Book reviews section gives 3.5 ratings out of 5 ratings, the subject the author choose for this book seems very friendly and a balance between thrill, suspense, drama and sentiments.